Tennis Racquets for a Pro

Tennis Racquets for a Pro Tennis Racquets for a Pro
You've got a lot of things to consider when purchasing a tennis racquet. The first thing to think about? What kind of player do you want to be.

You have many options. Consider being a pusher first. While these guys are often looked down upon on the court, many time they are winning! I don't know about you, but I am fine if people look at me a little funny so long as I am beating them! To be a pusher, you need to be a wall. Get literally everything in the court. Never miss. Always a run. You don't hit the ball hard, in fact, many pushers TRY to hit the ball soft so that they give their tennis opponents a type of ball they are not used to.

If you are buying a gift for a tennis player that is a pusher, consider getting them a bean bag chair. Since they are so lazy and always pushing the ball, a chair will be the perfect tennis gift for them!

Once you get to a certain level, it's not really possible to be a pusher anymore. When you get high enough, players will start to punish you if you play too conservatively. This is when you need to upgrade and start playing like an aggressive tennis player.

Aggressive players control the court. Often, they hit big from the baseline and punish the ball. If you play this way, you must ensure that you don't make too many mistakes. Keep your number of winners higher than your number of errors. This will ensure you'll remain competitive in your matches.

The next type of player that requires one of the best tennis racquets is an all court player. Roger Federer is this type of player and for that reason, he is my favorite players on the professional tennis tour. He is great from EVERYWHERE. He serves well, has a wicked backhand, and his forehand will dominate anyone with its amazing placement. Finally, he has great tennis volleys. Being solid at the net is a truly important part of the game for an all court player. Watch Federer play at Wimbledon to get some more tips on this style of play!

All of these type of players require  a high quality tennis racquet. Consider buying a racket around 11 ounces but make sure that whatever you chose, you demo it first. It's important to make sure that the racquet is good fit for you before you launch in and buy it. These tennis sticks can be expensive so focus chosing the right one for you. You'll generally need two racquets too, so make sure you are prepared!
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